Specialized paint products

Tech Talk- Specialized Paint Products

Specialized Paint Products

Discover the many amazing paint products that can create a variety of unique effects on walls and appliances. Paints can create the look of stainless steel and transform a wall into a chalk board. Find out how to use paint to transform the look of any room.

Paint Products for Kitchen Appliances and Coutertops

Kitchen makeovers can cost thousands of dollars. Create an expensive look while keeping costs low by using specialty paints to change the appearance of countertops and appliances.

Rust-Oleum’s specialty line of products offers a stainless steel paint with actual particles of stainless steel in the mixture. Apply the paint to any non-heated appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers. The paint will give the look and feel of stainless steel to any old appliance with just a couple of coats. The paint resists fingerprints and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Rust-Oleum also makes a specialty line of laminate countertop coating. It is a tintable epoxy with a satin finish. The paint can be applied to any laminate surfaces. It requires multiple coats and needs at least three days to dry. Once completely dry, it should function as a normal laminate countertop and hold up against average daily use.

Magnetic and Chalkboard Interior Wall Paint

Other specialized paint products provide playful ways to enhance the design of a room. Paints can add to a playroom or create interest in a kitchen.

Multiple manufacturers now offer chalkboard paint that can be used to turn the surface any wall or item into a chalkboard. Some paint companies, such as Hudson Paint, offer chalkboard paint in a variety of fun colors.

For best results, apply chalkboard paint with a roller to eliminate uneven brush marks. Apply two to three coats as needed to fully cover the area. Once the paint has dried, use colored chalk to write on the surface. Try using chalkboard paint on walls, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator doors, furniture, and garden pots.

Magnetic paint contains small bits of iron that allow magnets to cling to any surface on which it is applied. Rust-Oleum creates a magnetic primer that can be applied to walls and furniture as a base coat for another interior paint. This primer magnetizes any surface.

Apply the magnetic primer in multiple coats and allow to fully dry before painting over it with another color. Try magnetic paint on kitchen backsplashes, bedroom doors, walls, furniture and cabinets.

Create a Unique Look with Specialized Paint Products

With the variety of paint products available, almost every design possibility can be realized. Use the unconventional products above to transform a house’s interior design. It would be best to use a professional painting contractor. Get an expensive look and unique treatments for a fraction of the normal cost by using these specialty paints.

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