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Rhino Shield is Poised to Revolutionize Exterior Home Painting

Although the Rhino Shield company has been in business since 2000, until recently it hasn’t acquired the household name recognition that it should have gotten. My personal take on this is the lack of aggressive marketing.

It certainly isn’t anything to do with the product’s advantages over conventional exterior paint. This product offers numerous advantages. In fact, their motto is, “Choose Rhino Shield and Never Paint Again!”

Components of Rhino Shield

The reasons this product is better classified as a “coating” rather than a paint are two-fold. First, it lasts. Siding and fascia boards that have conventional paint applied need to be chipped, primed, and repainted regularly; anywhere from every year to every five years, depending on the local environment and the quality of the paint.

On the other hand, Rhino offers a 25 year warranty. How does it last and protect the home for so long?

The short answer is the components. Whereas traditional paint is composed of 60% water, Rhino is just 21% water. This leaves more room for more critical ingredients.

Paint uses 17% plasticizers, but Rhino substitutes 46% elastomeric resin. And where paint rounds things up with 11% fillers, Rhino includes 16% ceramics and mildewcides. When mildew is prevented, maintenance in the form of washing as well as impact on health is minimized.

Ceramic Nanotechnology Insulates and Reduces External Noise

This product uses the ceramic microspheres referenced above, whereas paints use fillers such as calcium carbonate. The ceramics greatly reduce the conductivity of thermal heat from the exterior of the house.

Radiant barrier spray paint applied on the underside of the decking in the attic uses this same technology to reflect thermal heat back out. When the entire exterior of the home is protected as well, it will reduce utility bills in both the summer and winter. Why during the winter? Because it also serves to reflect the heat from your furnace or pellet stove back into the home.

Also, as an insulating material, it will reduce noise interference from the exterior of the home. This might not be such a big issue for people that live in the country, but in the city this can be a huge advantage.

Rhino Shield is a Green Product

Green and sustainable are two buzzwords that are impossible to avoid today. Because of that, any product that relishes good sales will gravitate towards being able to make that claim. This product is no different.

The first reason is obvious. If you “Never Paint Again”, obviously you are not supporting the manufacture and transportation of gallons of conventional paint every couple of years. Also, this coating is low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which is rapidly becoming a must-have attribute in the building product arena.

As mentioned above, the energy-saving qualities will reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. Finally, this product sports a Class A Fire Rating, meaning that it is inflammable. Anyone who lives in a wildfire-prone region will understand how important this is.


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